Use this template to help you design a program which assists your group
to feel supported, valued and meaningfully connected to other members of the group.
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Step 1 – De-inhibitizers

Objective: to help your group feel comfortable about
stepping outside of their Comfort zones.

Experiences & activities which feature:
– fun as a major component
– opportunities to take some risks
– focus on effort, not success / failure
– highly interactive
– some discomfort & frustration

Step 2 – Communication

Objective: to help your group feel effective in their ability
to communicate thoughts, feelings & behaviours.

Experiences & activities which feature:
– verbal interaction as key component
– introductory problems to solve
– some frustration
– opportunities to give & receive feedback

Step 3 – Problem-Solving

Objective: to help your group feel effective to solve
problems & make decisions co-operatively.

Experiences & activities which feature:
– decision-making as key component
– complex problems to solve
– opportunities for cooperation
– higher levels of frustration
– trial-and-error learning

Step 4 – Responsibility

Objective: to help your group feel comfortable to exercise
personal & social responsibility to self & others.

Experiences & activities which feature:
– focus on taking responsibility
– opportunities for leadership
– emphasis on support & empathy
– testing of self-perceived limits

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