Use this simple template as a starting point for planning your next program.
Scroll to the bottom of the page to download the PLAN Template.

Step 1 – Logistics

When?  Date, time, breaks, etc.
Who?  Number of people, their demographic profile, etc.
What?  Weekly, annual, one-off, urgent, etc.
Where?  Venue, indoors / outdoors, space available, fixed seating, etc.
How?  Format, eg oral, experiential, online, blended learning, etc.

Step 2 – Apparent Goal

Why?  Expressed in one sentence, what is your program objectives?

Utilise the SMART goal guidelines below to create an effective apparent goal:
Specific – Clear, concise, one goal at a time.
Measurable – In time & quantity.
Achievable – Realistic, but also a stretch.
Relevant – Has significance & connection.
Trackable – Allows monitoring of progress.

Step 3 – Difference

What difference do you want to make?
How will this make your group feel?
What do you want your group to become?

Some questions to help you drill down deeper:
– Why does your group want to achieve this goal?
– Why does this goal matter, and to whom?
– Why does your group exist?
– What does your group believe?
– What does your group value?
– What do the people in your group care about?
– What do the people in your group really want?

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